November 2022 HOWL

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On January 1, 2023, new associate members will be charged a one time fee of $10, covering the duration of their associate membership.

This will have no effect on current associate members, but anyone signing up after January 1, 2023 will be subject to the new cost. Why the change? This year, with overwhelming support, our membership changed our bylaws to grant associate members a larger voice in the club - the ability to vote themselves. 

For all of SEA-PAH history until now, associate members couldn’t vote and had a hard time participating at events, which are traditionally held at 21+ venues. With the bylaw change we passed the first hurdle, and it’s time to tackle the second. To do that, we need money to afford 18+ venues. A $10 fee covers the cost of your membership tag. It’s small, but it’s a start to keeping costs under control for the club and being able to afford more flexible events.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us at This club is for all of our members, and now our associate’s voices are louder than ever. Let us hear from you.



Nominations for the SEA-PAH Board of Directors election are now closed. Those nominated and eligible will be contacted soon, and voting should open up to all members in good standing in December. We look forward to watching our community grow with new members and ideas!


Special Events:

Best in Show returns! It’s a Royal Rumble with a SEA-PAH and PDX-PAH talent show! Be sure to save the date!!

Saturday November 12th 

The Comeback Seattle

1950 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134

Doors at 5 Show at 6pm 

$5 suggested donation at the door 

21 + event 


That’s right after a short hiatus, The Seattle Pups and Handlers are happy to host our yearly tradition of Best in Show. This year we are challenging The Portland Pets and Handlers (PDX-PAH) to a talent show. The talent will be scored by a panel of Judges. The audience can make donations to bribe the judges to change their scores! Money raised at this event will go towards our Beneficiary Lambert house. This is one event you do not want to miss.


While we wait on those, we are looking for interested folks who would like to be on stage performing a lip sync, stand up acts, or skits to name a few ideas. Volunteering is no small feat, and volunteers will need to be able to commit to practice on their own time so they’re ready on November 12. If you’re interested email us what you’d like to perform at We are also looking for volunteers to help work the event and run the music.


Monthly SEA-PAH Social: November 11th, 6pm-10pm @ C C Attle's

Monthly SEA-PAH Mosh: November 12th, 2pm-4pm @ The Cuff Complex


The SEA-PAH board is busy planning events for December! While the board and Events & Fundraising committee work out the details, keep an eye out for announcements for what is sure to be a fun and busy month!



SEA-PAH gets Unleashed February 18, 2023! Unleashed, SEA-PAHs annual kink tasting event, is finally able to return after quarantine! More details will be available in December/January, but if you know you want to be an instructor email us at


*League of Extraordinarily Educated Puppies



LEEP Class: American Sign Language w/ Pup Kero

Doghouse Leathers - 715 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 12:15-1:15pm

Just met someone awesome at the bar but were unable to communicate well because they are deaf? Then join Pup Kero at Doghouse Leathers as he goes over some ASL basics and teaches us how to navigate communicate with deaf community members. Class starts at 12:15PM and space is limited.

Follow the link to reserve your tickets:


SEA-PAH is looking for a trans and/or femme Handler for an upcoming LEEP class! If you or anyone you may know if is interested, please contact us at

The League of Extraordinarily Educated Puppies (LEEP) is always looking for instructors! If you feel passionate, confident and ready to spread your knowledge of a kink or pup play adjacent subject, reach out to us at


Committee Meetings

Events & Fundraising Committee - November 15th @7pm

Board of Directors meeting - November 16th @7pm 



Hello Pack! 

Some of you who attended my “Becoming Friends with your Inner ESA” LEEP class in October had requested information on the sources that I consulted when preparing the class. Below are links to a few websites and videos that helped me build my notes for the class. If you did not attend the class, you are also welcome to look through and see if any of these can help you on a journey of self-care while engaging in puppy play. 

Pup Bill of Rights: Tea Consent: 

Pup Safe Project | Boundaries: Pup Safe Project | Consent: Event Drop and Depression: Event Drop as a Pup: Pup Safe Project Website (website is currently down but web archive works, most of the pages are archived and the youtube videos are all still up as well) 

Additionally, SEA-PAH did release a mental health resource list that is active on our website. It is mainly focused on Seattle and Washington resources but is a great list to consult when experiencing mental health related hardship. 

Please take care of yourselves and know that you have a community that supports you! One Love One Pack, 

Edgar Allan “Eddie” Pup 

SEA-PAH Secretary


Important Dates: 

Election Day is November 8th! The SEA-PAH board wants to remind everyone to register and go out and vote! Below are some resources to help you register and find your nearest polling place. 

King County

Snohomish County

Pierce County