July 2021

July 1, 2021

The Monthly Howl!

July 2021 Edition

A return to regular programming!
Information is frequently updated on the SEA-PAH website, so make sure you visit regularly! Don't miss out on any of the wagtastic fun, be sure to check out all of our events on the events page and committee meetings on the meetings page.



SEA-PAH Official Events


SEA-PAH Meet and Sniff Social: Familiar Faces

Friday, July 9th at 5pm until 9pm

That’s right folks we are back! So we are going to take things a little slow as we are still opening up and the Cuff is still figuring out new processed. But we are having our first social in July.

We will be meeting on the Cuff newly redesigned patio starting at 5pm. The Cuff has been a little busy lately so we are starting early.

The Cuff will be charging cover at 10pm of $10. So please slow up early for free entry.

Remember to be mindful of the staff and management. Gear is not required but always welcome. Make sure your outfits are bar legal. If you come in wearing your mask please respect staff and take it off so your ID my be checked.

If you have any questions about this event please contact Board@seapah.org or you can reach out to Nightcat with any questions you may have.

Monthly Board Meeting

Saturday, July 10th at 11am until 1pm

Take this opportunity to join your Board of Directors for the monthly SEA-PAH Board Meeting and take an active role in your community. This is, hands down, the BEST way to know what is currently happening in the SEA-PAH community and to offer your ideas and input for future plans and events! Links will be posted to the calendar the day of the event.


Monthly Virtual Mosh!


We are not doing a mosh just yet we will be working with the cuff for that in a month or so.
Due to online fatigue and the weather getting nicer, we are temporarily suspending online moshes. We completely get and understand sitting in front of a computer on a Saturday doesn’t sound the most exciting. We are hoping that very soon we will be able to have in person moshes. If there is an increased interest for an online mosh from the community, then we will bring moshes back sometime in the fall.

Committee Meetings

All meetings are continuously updated on the meeting page

Meetings this month:

Fundraising Meeting - TBD
Board Meeting - July 10th @ 11:00 AM PDT
Audit Commitee Meeting - TBD

Policy & Procedures Meeting - TBD
Barkroom Committee Meeting - July 15th @ 5:30 PM PDT

Fundraising Committee

Time to get creative! Join us to start coming up with ideas on how we can raise money for the org and our beneficiary. We are looking for event (online and in person), Merchandise and sponsorship creative thinking. Please join us to help shape the future


Audit Committee

Information and details available here

Policies and Procedures Committee

There were a great many advisory votes made during the AGM in January and with the results in mind, the Board will be working on updating the policies and procedures of SEA-PAH. This will include proposing updates to the bylaws, codifying the standing rules, and other tasks related to the day to day operations of the organization. Why should you care, you're asking?  Because:

WE WANT YOU!  That's right!  We want members of the organization to come together with us and advise, help draft, and fine tune the language that will be submitted to the community for updates to our systems.  If you're interested in joining this committee, we ask that you email: bylaws@seapah.com and we will be in touch to schedule.

Barkroom Committee

Interested in the future of the barkroom?   Want to help guide and develop an open space for community communications?  Join us


SEA-PAH would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to the following Members!  

Eric 7/5
Vulim 7/5
Pup Mint     7/8
Imposter Kit 7/18
Pup Bruizer    7/19
Lahgo 7/21
Wolven 7/30
Chewy Beta Pup 7/30

Get to know your neighbors

Or maybe you just want to find other PAH events around our region? Check out the events being held by our brother and sister PAH groups in the Northwest!

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