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Meeting Date
Barkroom Committee 08/17/2021 Details
Board Meeting Canceled 08/14/2021 Details
Policy and Procedure Meeting-July 07/15/2021 Details
Budget Meeting-Updating Q3/Q4 & Beyond Budget 07/15/2021 Details
July 10th Board Meeting 07/10/2021 Details
Barkroom Committee 06/22/2021 Details
Policy and Procedures Committee Meeting 06/17/2021 Details
Audit Committee 06/15/2021 Details
12-June-2021 Board Meeting 06/12/2021 Details
SEA-PAH Social 06/11/2021 Details
Fundraising Committee 06/09/2021 Details
Barkroom Committee 05/20/2021 Details
15-May-2021 Board Meeting 05/15/2021 Details
Technology Meeting 05/13/2021 Details
Fundraising Committee 05/12/2021 Details
MOSH And… They're OFF! 05/08/2021 Details
Caressa and Nightcat Presents Music Video Show DOWN! Virtual Social 05/07/2021 Details
Barkroom Committee 04/22/2021 Details
SEA-PAH 2020 Audit Committee Meeting 04/20/2021 Details
SEA PAH 2021 Technology Meeting 04/15/2021 Details